The Photography of Martin Murray

Background: My interest in photography has been long-standing. I started out aged 17-years with a Praktica film SLR and down the years have floated in and out of the hobby with a number of different cameras both film and digital. I currently use three Fujifilm X series models, the X10, the X-S1 and the X=M1, with an X-T10to follow soon. All are beautiful cameras, well made, light to carry, not without their idiosyncrasies but they are excellent photographic tools nonetheless; the X10 wonderful for candid street and portrait photography while the X-S1's 24-624mm zoom opens up other possibilities. My newer additions, the X-M1 and (hopefully) the X-T10 open up the whole large sensor, mirror-less system adding another dimension to my work.

Philosophy: I am a self-taught image maker and do not consider nor promote myself as a 'professional' - although I would like eventually to progress in that direction. I believe that a moment captured in time through the lens of a camera can tell a thousand stories... or maybe just the one. As a photographer I also try to make each image count. Additionally, I believe that photography should be fun; the more relaxed I am in my work and assignments, the greater the pleasure I take from the finished piece of work. I get great satisfaction in introducing young people to the joy of photography who are often amazed at the quality of images they have the capacity to produce just from the 'smart phones' many carry these days.

I know what I like however and attempt to capture that for my own benefit and I hope for the enjoyment of others. My work tends to be a combination of landscape - countryside and urban, street photography and people - be that formal or informal portraits. I have long since discovered the joys of monochrome but love those rich fuji colours also. That said the capabilities of my equipment means I have all manner of image type and style at my disposal and can decide where colour or monochrome best suit.

Most of my images are for sale (please message me if an image you like is NOT priced). I am available for commissioned work, single and group tutorials and will do events such as weddings although not normally the 'formal' photography. Contact me by leaving a message and contact details on the 'Speak to Me' page.

Otherwise, I hope you like what you see and I am constantly adding material to the site so please visit again.

Many thanks for viewing my website and i hope you find some inspiration from my work. Also, do follow me on Twitter at @martspic66.